How Free Live Traffic Feed works?

It's Free Real Time Website Traffic Monitoring. Save time visitor countries,city,browser,operating system and the pages are viewed. This is a useful widget for websites and blogs not using more javascript to dramatically improve the speed of web page. Live visitors are updated automatically without page refresh.

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24/24 Live Web Traffic

Keep a track of your customers 24/24. Our Live Traffic Feed keeps the 100 most recent visitors. Share about us if you like.

Live Traffic Feed for Website and Blogger

Places a widget on your Blogger blog of the last 10 visitors. By clicking on the real time link you can actually view the last 50 or so visitors along with the keyword search phrase used to find your site. The Live Traffic Feed shows statistics in real-time about:

The city and country your visitors.

The opera system and browser your visitors.

The website they arrived from.

The page they visited on your website.

Save time visited on your website.

Flag Counter visited.

Static Counter visited.