Flag Counter!

Flag Counter is an instrument that will enable clients to follow the guests to mean their website page. This instrument is useful in telling you about the site traffic and subtleties of site guest measurements. It deals with any HTML pages, online journals or site.

We respect the privacy of Visitor. That's why we encrypt everything with HTTPS/SSL and have put some nice tools to help you comply with GDPR and other privacy matters.

Yes, Live Traffic Feed is GDPR compliant!

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Copy the text to your clipboard (CTRL-C). Then paste the text into your blog or website HTML (Usually into your sidebar). Make sure you paste the text exactly as it appears or your widget may stop working.

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Flags Counter

Features of Flag Counter

  • Flag Count can be applied on any website. The site has to support images, the only requirement.
  • Every person who views the website will be counted in the Flag Counter.
  • The Flag Counter service is very affordable. An organization need not invest a lot of money for getting one.
  • The flag counter helps to know how many people have visited the site from a particular country.
  • This is very helpful because it helps the organization to know from which country, they get maximum response and can accordingly focus on their target audience.
  • Flag counters have become a major part of any website and every marketer depends on it to know the right outcome.
  • These flag counter applications also give live updates, that’s is, it gives live traffic feed. It shows the country of the visitor and the data browsed. This becomes very useful as the marketer will know what is the requirement of the general public and will then work on it accordingly.
  • These flag counter applications are designed in a way that makes it easy to understand and thus, is very user- friendly.

Why use our Flags counter?

With technological developments in recent years, it has become very easy for marketers to know their target audience and the requirements. In this way, they can work better and will be able to focus on the major key areas. Thus, every organization must keep a regular check on the flag counter and accordingly bring the necessary changes to make their performance better.