Count Number of Visits on Your Webpage Using Hit Counter

Simple widget to show the number of visits to your website.

Get your free hit counter easy click copy code and put into your website or blog.

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Copy the text to your clipboard (CTRL-C). Then paste the text into your blog or website HTML (Usually into your sidebar). Make sure you paste the text exactly as it appears or your widget may stop working.

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What is a hit counter?

You must have visited various websites and noticed a counter at the bottom of the page which tells you about how many people have visited your webpage, website, or blog site. It shares the live traffic of the public or audience who visits that site and that counter is known as hit counter. It is used to measure the traffic on the website. The number on the counter increases as people visit the site and it happens lively.

How does hit counter works?

When you embed a hit counter on your website, it connects to the internet and counts the people or in a technical way, a traffic on your website. The counter increases as soon as it faces any entry in your website. The API’s help in this case to keep the count intact on the number of people who have visited your website, webpage, or a blog site.

How to get a hit counter for your website?

Getting a hit counter for your website is easy. You just need to search for the keyword, and you will find lots and lots of websites offering this counter. In different places you will different types of counters of various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can also reconfigure according to your need.

How to embed hit counter on your website?

To have a counter and embed it on your website, webpage, or blogsite, follow these steps.

  • Open the website from where you want to get the hit counter
  • Put your domain in the domain search box such as,, etc.
  • Configure it whether you want to have count unique visitors or not
  • Choose the maximum number of displays your counter will display
  • Press Enter
  • You will see a code in the next textbox
  • Copy the code and paste it in the source code of your website
  • Reload your website and you can see the hit counter box on the page of your website where you have kept the counter
  • Done.

In this way, you can get the count for the audience who have visited your website or blog page.